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The 2022 parkrun Competition

The parkrun competition, started in 2017, was disrupted in 2020 and 2021 due to Covid-19, but we hope for a complete year in 2022 and return to roughly the same format as before the pandemic.

There will be six set parkruns: Barnsley, Brighouse, Cusworth Hall, Graves, Hyde and Penistone. You don't have to do all these to qualify for the competition, but your best result of the year (the one that gets you most points – see scoring below) from each one will count. These have been chosen as our two local runs, plus one less common one for PFR runners in each direction (N, E, S and W): all just about within 20 miles of Penistone.

You will get three wildcards: out of all the UK parkruns you do (excluding the six set parkruns), the three that score you the most points will be counted. Limiting it to UK parkruns only is necessary because the formatting of results on the parkrun sites for some other countries is inconsistent, so including them would be a huge amount of work and it is clearer just to exclude all overseas parkruns. The highest-scoring parkruns are chosen automatically.

You will get one tourist point for each different event (ie different location) you run during the year. This includes the set parkruns and the points will be added automatically.


Current standings for 2022.

Results for previous years: 2017 onwards.

Qualifying Runners

All members will be included as long as they have Penistone Footpath Runners registered with parkrun as their club. To add Penistone as your club click on "manage my profile" in any of your results emails from parkrun, and then use the "update" link on the My Links page.


You earn points based on the following:

Bonus Points for PB: if you get a course PB then you get 3 points (first time appearance does not count, you need to have done at least two at same venue for a PB to count).

Age grading (%) 70+ 65+ 60+ 55+ 50+ <50
Points   6   5   4   3   2    1
Category position 1st   2nd   3rd   4–5  6–10 11+ 
Points   6    5   4   3    2   1

You will score points as above at the six set parkruns (your best points haul from each will count) and from three additional wildcard parkruns during the year (again, the three that score highest points).

There have, in the past, been points for volunteering. However, parkrun have restructured their results pages and are no longer providing information on how many times parkrunners have volunteered each year, only totals, so this has had to be dropped. However, members are strongly encouraged to keep volunteering anyway, as parkrun is totally dependent on volunteers.


Prizes are awarded for the top three males and females in the final standings.