Penistone Footpath Runners
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Graihagh and Ruby represent Yorkshire at XC

Two Penistone second claim runners put on the blue and white vest of Yorkshire to compete in the inter county cross country championships at Wollaton Park, Nottingham. Graihagh Turner finished in 19th place overall in the under15 girls race and was third counter for Yorkshire, who placed third in the team standings. Ruby Sykes competed in the senior ladies race where she placed 53rd. Ruby’s Yorkshire team claimed silver in the team event.

Harriet Drouin and Steve Sanders took on the very tough Haworth Hobble which is 32 miles long and involves 4,400 feet of climbing. Steve got round in 6-18-53 and Harriet finished in 7-21-25.

Sarah Walch and Damian Kilpin completed the At the Double fell race at Skinning Grove. Damian was 18th overall in 53-11, Sarah 52nd in 1-04-54.

Andrew Taylor finished the Chester 10k in 1-10-00. Kate Rushforth (2-17-15) and Sara Wolstenholme (2-23-28) completed the Retford Half Marathon.

On the parkrun front there were first places for George Parr (Penistone), Lauren Lees (Barnsley Juniors) and Flynn Rogers (Hillsborough Juniors). Suzanne McGill placed second at Penistone. Age graded runners of the week were Bernice Nixon (78.54%), Suzanne McGill (76.30%), Bill Phillips (75.90%), Gareth Irvine (75.37%) and Shaun Swallow (74.19%).