Penistone Footpath Runners
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Trunce success

Penistone runners claimed first place in the senior and junior races at the sixth running this summer of the Trunce trail race at Oxspring.  George Parr was first in the senior race followed in by clubmate Richard Cottam who took second.  Former Penistone runner Tadek Kunicki-Holda was first in the junior race, with Finn Pepper finishing third boy.  There were age category wins for Lesley Parker (first over40 lady), Barbara Haigh (first over70 lady) and Richard Cottam (first over40 man).  Others finishing in the top three in their age categories were Valentina Wright (second over40 lady), Steve Sanders (third over50 man) and Ray Brown (third over50 man).

Saturday saw the running of the Thurlstone Chase trail race.  Richard Cottam claimed second place just ahead of teammate James Fryers who placed third.  Chloe Worth was third lady and also picked up first over40 lady.  There were age groups wins for Richard Docker (over60 man), Bill Phillips (over70 man), Barbara Haigh (over70 lady) and Ray Brown (over80 man).

On Friday evening Danum Harriers organised the first Donfaster 5k, consisting of five and a bit laps of the track at the Doncaster Cycle Hub. In challenging conditions of 30 degree heat, Dawn Broom finished second over55 day in a time of 21-54. Just 19 hours later she was in action at the Buxton Carnival four mile road race. The event, which benefitted from outstanding crowd support from carnival celebrants, took in the best of the Derbyshire spa town. She finished third lady overall in a time of 29-16. Both her and husband John (28-58) established club records over the 4-mile road distance.

On the parkrun scene Andrew Heppenstall achieved first place at the Penistone parkrun, there were second places for Lisa Hinchliffe (Barnsley), Julia Johnson (Glossop) and Ashley Firth (Lytham Hall).  Sue Hall completed her 300th parkrun at Barnsley.


Senior Trunce

1, George Parr 26-41; 2, Richard Cottam 27-14; 17, Oliver Pike 30-17; 20, Joe Sparks 30-25; 23, Jon Hallam 30-53; 25, Damian Kilpin 30-58; 27, Oliver France 31-13; 29, Daniel Hague 31-56; 32, Steve Sanders 32-07; 71, Oliver Found 36-12; 78, Nick Pepper 36-57; 79, Lesley Parker 37-07; 82, Felix Barr 37-50; 89, Valentina Wright 38-10; 98, Stuart Woodhead 38-59; 138, Heath Ramsden 43-09; 160, Harriet Drouin 45-23; 173, Barbara Hague 49-12; 187, Ray Brown 50-51; 201, Steve Dommett 56-02; 202, Stu Smith 56-02; 205, Tracey Woodward 57-13.

Junior Trunce

4, Finn Pepper 14-40; 13, Alexander Wright 17-25.

Barnsley Parkrun

41, Lisa Hinchliffe 26-45; 85, Daniel Batty 31-43; 122, Susan Hall 43-07; 123, Stuart Smith 43-08.

Penistone Parkrun

1, Andrew Paul Heppenstall 17-52; 12, Alex Melhuish 21-15; 23, Nick Pepper 22-51; 25, Alex Simon 22-53; 77, Carl Matthewman 26-44; 81, John Broom 26-57; 82, Dawn Broom 27-00; 83, Suzanne McGill 27-02; 92, Keith Gordon 27-52; 109, Poppy Tovey 29-03; 133, Sarah Clough 32-03; 136, Ruth Albaya Melhuish 32-26; 151, Martyn Cartwright 35-10; 164, Dianne McGuinness 39-17; 168, Caroline Eyles 40-02.