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Rose fastest in UK

Penistone second claim member Malcolm Rose whilst representing England Masters at the Chester 10k claimed gold in the men’s over70 age category. Malcolm’s time of 41-05 ranked him as the number one over70 man for the 10k distance in the UK for 2023.

Three Penistone runners took on the Notts ten mile road race. Suzanne McGill was sixth lady overall and fourth in the ladies over45 category. Her time of 1-12-16 also gave her a new club record. John and Dawn Broom also took part finishing in 1-25-37 and 1-25-38 respectively.

Damien Kilpin was sixth overall and first over45 man at the At the Double fell race.

Long distance runners Harriet Drouin and Rachel Liptrot took on the Haworth Hobble in challenging conditions including snow drifts taller than them! The race was 21 miles in distance and involved 2,800 feet of climbing. Harriet got round in 4-42-55 and Rachel took 6-26-46.

Some Penistone runners sought out better weather conditions and took part in the 10k and half marathon events run in Paphos, Cyprus. In hot conditions Denise Pozorski was first back in the 10k in 1-10-15 and John Lawcock was first back in the half marathon in 1-43-29.

Steve Dommett and Stu Smith ventured up the A1 to take part in the Thirsk 10 mile race. Running together they finished in 1-49-54 and managed to avoid any snow.


Notts 10 mile race

59, Suzanne McGill 1-12-22; 105, John Broom 1-25-37; 106, Dawn Broom 1-25-38.

Cyprus Half Marathon

81, John Lawcock 1-43-29; 149, Martin Hughes 1-52-50.

Cyprus 10k

345, Denise Pozorski 1-10-15; 350, Jane Lawcock 1-10-50; 421, Michal Pozorski 1-20-54; 423, Linda Keelan 1-21-45.

Chester 10k

254, Malcolm Rose 41-05; 2771, Andrew Taylor 1-09-30.

Thirsk 10 mile race

704, Steve Dommett 1-49-54; 705, Stu Smith 1-49-54.

Long Eaton parkrun

160, Dawn Broom 26-25; 164, John Broom 26-35.

Hillsborough parkrun

57, Michael Walsh 22-17; 97, Lee Hopkins 23-51; 180, Andrew Taylor 27-24; 203, Stuart Woodhead 28-31; 259, Kenny Rowe 31-00; 269, Jane Cockerton 31-57.

Storeys Field parkrun

75, Tom Fryers 21-02.

St Helens parkrun

91, Dawn Godley 28-00.