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Matt and Ray win South Yorks XC Golds

Penistone runners featured strongly in the rescheduled fourth fixture of the South Yorkshire Cross Country league at Longley Park in Sheffield.  The fixture also doubled up as the South Yorkshire cross country championships.  Stand out performance was from Matt Robinson who claimed first place in the men’s over55 category in a time of 43-47.  Another first place went to Ray Brown in the men’s over80 category.  Ruby Sykes was fourth in the senior ladies race and also finished fourth overall in the series.  Ruby’s time was 22-55.  Another fourth place went to George Parr in the men’s under20 event.  In the junior races Tadek Kunicka-Holda was third in the boys under15 category in 15-15.

Elsewhere James Fryers had a great run to claim fourth place at the Kirkharle Shepherd’s Trail half marathon, he was also first in the men’s under20 category.  Conditions were icy on the hilly Northumberland course and James could have finished higher overall but slipped on the ice with 2 kilometres to go.

On the parkrun scene Flynn Rogers put in a great performance to be first finisher at the Malvern junior parkrun in a time of 7-39.

Robin Clough


Kirkharle Shepherd’s Trail half marathon

4, James Fryers 1-26-09.

South Yorkshire Cross Country Championships, Norfolk Park

Under11 girls: 8, Vita Kunicka-Holda 7-24; 12, Hedi Morley 7-46.

Under13 girls: 9, Onnee Turner 15-32.

Under15 boys: 3, Tadek Kunicka-Holda 15-15.

Under20, Senior and Veteran Ladies: 4, Ruby Sykes 22-55; 42, Suzanne McGill 29-26.

Under17 men: 6, Oliver France 33-08.

Under20, Senior and Veteran Men: 37, George Parr 40-54; 57, Matt Robinson 43-47; 74, Simon Pike 48-14; 78, Dan Limb 48-48; 103, Matt Coldwell 53-23; 110, Paul Fryers 57-54.

Over65 Veteran Men: 10, Nick Whittingham 34-13; 13, Ray Brown 38-54.

Barnsley parkrun

35, Michael Nicholson 24-14; 72, Lisa Hinchliffe 28-23; 86, Daniel Batty 29-18; 97, Eleanor Law 30-17; 106, Susan Hall 31-56; 107, Stuart Smith 31-57; 158, Raymond Brown 57-58.

Hillsborough parkrun

4, Ben Malcolm 18-15; 123, John Howsham 24-33; 137, Stephen Owen 24-57; 138, Stuart Woodhead 24-58; 163, Keith Gordon 25-53; 332, Jane Cockerton 30-42; 366, Kenny Rowe 32-09; 378, Jacqueline Howsham 32-32; 456, David W Needham 42-24.