Junior Winter Handicap

The junior winter handicap league allows all juniors to compete regularly through the winter. The course used is a marshalled 1100m lap on pavements and public footpaths. Under 11s do a single lap, under 13s and under 15 girls do two laps and under 15 boys and all under 17s do three laps. Start times are determined by previous personal best (PB) times, with points for finishing position and PBs. Points are awarded over the series of races and all competitors receive an award at the club’s annual presentation evening.

Dates are the same as the senior winter handicap series.

Results for the current series are available on the club results site.

The results of the individual races for past series are on the junior results page.

Past winners of the winter league are listed below, and records for each group are on the junior club records page:


  Under 11 Under 13 Under 15 Under 17
2021 Esme Jarvis Graihagh Turner Niamh Armitage Emily Adlington
2019 Graihagh Turner Layla Wright Emily Adlington Grace Adlington
2018/19 Violet Bettison Ruby Ball Tamsin Warsop Olivia Wolff
2017/18 Graihagh Turner Tamsin Warsop Freya Fretwell
2016/17 Meg Stead Tamsin Warsop Olivia Wolff Hope Claydon
2015/16 Bella Jarvis Georgia Taylor Hope Claydon Lizzie Deacon
2014/15 Imogen Wolff Laurel Claydon Hope Claydon Annie Helliwell
2013/14 Georgia Taylor Hope Claydon &
Hannah Hinchliffe
Ella Sanders Annie Helliwell
2012/13 Georgia Taylor Tegan Imrie Freya Pritchard Megan Drewery
2011/12 Abigail Blackburn Rhia Drewery Megan Drewery Josephine Melton
2010/11 Tegan Imrie Charlotte Deacon Catherine Deacon Rhianna Banford
2009/10 Caitlin Skene Alex Hayes Rebecca Swift
2008/09 Samantha Morris Amy Roebuck Rhianna Banford
2007/08 Amy Roebuck Lisa Scarfe
2006/07 Annie Roebuck Adie Grimbley Evelyn Whittaker Bethany Stanley
2005/06 Samantha Mott Evelyn Whittaker Bethany Stanley Rachel Davis
2004/05 Adie Grimbley Ellie Bishop Bethany Stanley Jessica Stanley
2003/04 Ellie Bishop Bethany Stanley Rachel Davis Jessica Stanley
2002/03 Ashleigh Bolton Rebecca Crowther Jessica Stanley Amie Pickersgill
2001/02 Jenni Mann Rachel Davis Tracey Millward
2000/01 Ellie Bishop Rachel Jubb Tracey Millward Myfanwy Cross


  Under 11 Under 13 Under 15 Under 17
2021 Thomas Charlesworth Tadek Kunicki-Holda Joseph Bowe Ewan Mackie
2019 Tadek Kunicki-Holda Thomas Phillips Reece Bowe Hugh Mackie
2018/19 Tadek Kunicki-Holda Jake Almond John Halstead Tom Fryers
2017/18 Sam Taylor Ewan Mackie Hugh Mackie Tom Fryers
2016/17 Alfie Doyle Matthew Mills Tom Fryers Aneurin Hughes
2015/16 Ewan Mackie Harry Jarvis Tom Fryers
2014/15 Euan Adams Tom Fryers Max Hobson Joe McGarry
2013/14 James Taylor Edward Hunt Harry Shelbourne
2012/13 Tom Fryers Max Hobson Chris Law Kai Sunman
2011/12 Tom Fryers Joe McGarry Kai Sunman
2010/11 Tom Fryers Chris Law Kai Sunman
2009/10 Jacob Taylor Kai Sunman Robbie Bailey
2008/09 Thomas Morris Kai Sunman Ryan Clempson Joe Wood
2007/08 Jacob Kendrew Thomas Milner Joe Mann Joshua Grimbley
2006/07 Joe Law Garry Milner Sean Pitt Simon Watts
2005/06 Thomas Milner Sean Pitt Joshua Grimbley Tom Martin
2004/05 Adam Bolton Joe Mann Tom Martin Robert Andrews
2003/04 Joe Mann Joshua Grimbley Robert Andrews
2002/03 Joseph Baldwin Thomas Rippon Robert Andrews Chris Charlesworth
2001/02 Thomas Rippon James Waddington Liam Bower Chris Youel
2000/01 Luke Brown Sam Youel Chris Charlesworth Jack Bradbury

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