Barnsley Boundary Relay Race

The Barnsley Boundary Relay Race is a multi-terrain race following the boundary of Barnsley MBC, using the route of the Barnsley Boundary Walk. It is a race for teams of 10, each running legs on roads, tracks and footpaths of between 4 and 11½ miles: 73 miles in total.

Penistone Footpath Runners took over organisation of the race in 2015, which was previously organised by Barnsley Harriers in conjunction with Barnsley Rockley Rotary Club.

The 2020 race was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 2021 race took place on Saturday 19 June. Following issues arising which disrupted leg 4, it was agreed to neutralise te leg so the overall times include only the other 9 legs.

Contact for Race Information

Steve Dickinson
07850 445613

2021 Results

Winning teams
Male open: Barnsley AC
Female open: Barnsley AC
Mixed: Barnsley Harriers
Male V40: Penistone
Female V40: Penistone
Male V50: Penistone
Male V60: Penistone
Non-running club: Gibson Booth

Previous Race Results


The route

The first leg starts at 8am. The second leg starts when the first runner reaches the end of leg 1. All leg 2 runners set off together, and so on through the race. Times for each leg are aggregated at the end of the race and the fastest teams in each category (Men, M40+, M50+, M60+, Ladies, L40+ and Mixed) announced at the prize ceremony, which is held in the evening after the race.

Ordnance survey map, aerial photography and GPX files for the whole route are available here. Note that the race route does not always follow the same route as marked on the Ordnance Survey maps or the Walking Guides.

The links below give maps and GPX files for each leg. The GPX files can be downloaded and imported into GPS software, or uploaded to a phone or watch.

8 April 2021: Change to legs 1 and 2, and updated route files

Because of access issues in Bretton Park and safety concerns around M1 junction 28, there are significant changes to the end of leg 1 and the start of leg 2 for 2021. These are detailed in this document.

GPX files have been updated and new maps added for all 10 legs. If you had previously downloaded files from here you are advised to replace them with the current ones: all 10 have been checked on the ground in April 2021.

Leg Start time (approx) Distance/climb
1: Cannon Hall to Bretton Park 08:00 5.1M/528′
Start: S75 4AR / SE 27283 07944 Map GPX
2: Bretton Park to Brierley 08:30 10.4M/768′
Start: S75 4BZ / SE 29960 12013 Map GPX
3: Brierley to Thurnscoe 09:40 6.6M/459′
Start: S72 9JX / SE 40468 11116 Map GPX
4: Thurnscoe to Brampton 10:20 6.4M/196′
Start: S63 0BH / SE 46513 05383 Map GPX
5: Brampton to Tankersley 11:00 5.1M/486′
Start: S73 0SS / SE 41050 02197 Map GPX
6: Tankersley to Wortley Station 11:30 11.4M/1620′
Start: S74 0DU / SK 34896 99492 Map GPX
7: Wortley Station to Langsett Barn 12:45 6.5M/1074′
Start: S35 7DL / SK 29861 99246 Map GPX
8: Langsett Barn to Winscar Reservoir 13:40 5.7M/814′
Start: S36 4GY / SE 21082 00444 Map GPX
9: Winscar Reservoir to Upper Denby 14:20 10.5M/1188′
Start: S36 4TF / SE 15296 02048 Map GPX
10: Upper Denby to Cannon Hall 15:30 4.0M/210′
Start: HD8 8UE / SE 22927 07366 Map GPX

If anyone finds any errors in the GPX files, please contact Paul Fryers (

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