parkrun Competition

The parkrun competition, started in 2017, was set to run for a fourth year in 2020, again with a few tweaks. Unfortunately, Covid-19 caused the abandonment of parkruns and hence the competition.

It is currently planned that all UK 5km parkruns will restart on Saturday 24 July. The 2021 parkrun competition will not restart immediately.  In order not to encourage people all to rush back to parkruns in the first couple of weeks and add to the inevitable overcrowding (which is a problem for organisers as well as increasing the spread of Covid-19) the competition will restart from 7 August, with a different format to reflect the times – scoring will emphasise small parkruns and local parkruns, so we are not seen to be encouraging unnecessary travel or large gatherings.

There will be no set parkruns for 2021 – all runners can decide which events to go to and their best 10 scoring events will count towards the 2021 competition, but with a maximum of three from any one parkrun (your best three will count).  Points will be scored for age grading, category position and PBs as before, but there will be bonus points for attending local parkruns and for parkruns with fewer runners, as set out below.

Finally, there are points for volunteering – you will get points for volunteering each time, up to a maximum of 10 times. You will score 15 points for each of the first two times you volunteer, and then one additional point for each of the next eight times you volunteer (maximum 38 points).  Again, these will be added automatically, as long as you are on the results pages as an official volunteer for any event during the year (this will include events in July as there are no dates on the parkrun website for volunteering).  For new members or those new to parkrunning, volunteering points will only appear after you have run a parkrun (for technical reasons), but those you accumulated before you ran will be counted once you have run.


You earn points based on the following:

Age grading 70+ 65+ 60+ 55+ 50+ <50
Points   6   5   4   3   2   1
Cat position 1st 2nd 3rd 4–5 6–10 11+
Points   6   5   4    3    2   1

Bonus Points for PB: if you get a course PB then you get 3 points (first time appearance does not count, you need to have done at least two at same venue for a PB to count).

Bonus Points for small parkruns: if you run a parkrun with fewer than 100 other runners on the day that you run, you will get 6 points. If you run a parkrun with fewer than 200 other runners you will get 3 points. Please note: at this point we have no idea what attendance figures will be like. We may need to adjust these cut-offs if 100 and 200 don’t work.

Bonus Points for local parkruns: if you run a parkrun within 15 miles of Penistone (measured in a straight line from the Football Club) you will get 6 points. This includes:

Barnsley Frickley Country Millhouses Storthes Hall
Brighouse Glossop Nostell Wakefield Thornes
Concord Graves Penistone
Dewsbury Hillsborough Rotherham
Endcliffe Huddersfield Sheffield Castle

If you run a parkrun within 30 miles of Penistone (but further than 15 miles) you will get 3 points. This includes:

Armley Fletcher Moss Oakwell Hall Selby
Bakewell Halifax Pontefract South Manchester
Bradford Heaton Poolsbrook Stamford Park
Bramhall Horton Park Potternewton Stretford
Bramley Hyde Rother Valley Temple Newsam
Centre Vale Lyme Park Rothwell Wetherby
Clumber Park Macclesfield Roundhay Woodbank
Cross Flatts Middleton Woods Sale Water Woodhouse Moor
Cusworth Hall Myrtle Sandall Park

In addition, you score points for volunteering as described above.

Qualifying runners
All first claim members will be included as long as they have Penistone Footpath Runners registered with parkrun as their club. To add Penistone as your club click on “manage my profile” in any of your results emails from parkrun, and then use the “update” link on the My Links page.

You must volunteer at least once to qualify for prizes at the end of the year.

Penistone parkrun tour
Not part of the parkrun competition, but as a social club event, each month, a member nominates a particular parkrun and a few members go as a club jolly. Each person nominating a parkrun also nominates the next person. The list of nominees, parkruns and attendance is here. In 2020, if the parkrun competition ends as a tie, the runner who has attended the most Penistone parkrun tour events will be the winner.

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