Club Standards

In 2017 the club introduced a series of club standards to apply to road distances. The rationale of the standards is (a) to provide a focus for runners on the improvement curve and (b) to provide a motivation for those moving through the age groups whose PB days may be behind them.

The list of Penistone runners and the standards they have achieved is here. The list gives current age groups: if you click on any name it takes you to a page on which all the standards achieved at different age groups and the races that have counted towards those standards are listed.

The standard times for each age group, sex and distances are listed here.

For each age category there is a set of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th class standards to attain. These are based on WAVA age-graded tables. For 2018 the standards have been adjusted to give consistency across all age groups, distances and standards. The standard times have been calculated as follows:

  1. For the minimum age in each age group (ie 40 for 40-44, 45 for 45-49, etc) the times for each distance that give WAVA scores of 75%, 65%, 55% and 45% respectively are calculated. Age 25 is used for the senior (under 40) age group.
  2. These times are rounded down to (not up, always down) to the nearest 15 seconds for times under 30 minutes, 30 seconds for times under 1 hour and 1 minute for all other times.
  3. The rounded times are set as the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th class standards respectively.

This method ensures that anyone achieving, say 1st class, for any distance must have got at least a WAVA score of 75%, and also ensures consistency between ages, sexes and distances.

Please note these are not minimum standards for members and they are entirely voluntary – the club welcomes all runners of all abilities and has a very wide range within the membership!

  • Times run in races at any time since the runner last joined Penistone Footpath Runners (performances from before a break in membership cannot be included) and while the runner was in the current age category count towards the club standards.
  • To achieve a standard a runner needs to complete any 3 of the 6 distances to the required standard.
  • The qualifying period for a standard is the whole 5 years within which a runner is within a particular category.
  • All times must be on UKA or ARC measured courses. In the case of the 5K distance, there is a list of parkrun courses which have been measured by a certified course measurer which can count towards achieving the standard. This can be found here. 5000m and 10000m track races can also count for 5K and 10K respectively.
  • Certificates will be awarded to all runners completing a new standard at the club’s Annual Presentation Evening.
  • The results program obtains all results from the Power of 10 website, including qualifying parkruns. Any races not on Power of 10 must be submitted to John Broom for ratification and can then be added manually to the results system.

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