Winter Handicap Results – Race 2

Results from last night’s handicap (here). No WMA yet as we had 3 new members and a guest so need DOBs. 54 runners on a nice night for running. I got a couple of handicaps wrong but most runners came in within a minute of what I predicted.

For the newbies the results show: Your finish position on the night; Your estimated time to do the 4.5 miles; your handicap time (52 minutes minus your estimated time); Your finish time after the clock started at 0; the actual time you took to run the 4.5 miles and the difference between this and my estimate. WMA gives a gender and age related time which I will explain in more detail once I get them worked out. Thanks to Kim and Martyn for their help.
PS Andrea forgot to pick up her bottle of wine. Collect at next race. It is on the 5th November so apologies if you have a bonfire booked. Let me know and I can always set you off early and make the next race a grouped start.Keith.

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