Northern Athletics Track & Field – Wakefield – 5 August 2017

Results from the final Northern Athletics Track and Field Division 4EC fixture at Wakefield. Fantastic result with the club finishing 2nd overall, Gareth winning the 5000m, 9 PBs, 8 club records broken and another 6 club records set.


Event Pos Result
100m 4(A) Sharon Cooper 19.4s
4(B) Dawn Broom 17.0s PB V50 club record
200m 5(A) Laura Gill 32.2s Senior club record
3(B) Dawn Broom 35.3s
400m 3(A) Donna Kilpin 1:51.9 V40 club record (set)
2(B) Julie Moxon 87.7s
400m H 2(A) Sharon Cooper 99.7s
2(B) Julie Moxon 1:43.2
800m 3(A) Jill Carlton 3:11.0 V35 club record (set)
2(B) Dawn Broom 3:04.7
1500m 2(A) Laura Gill 5:52.3
2(B) Julie Moxon 6:26.6
3000m 2(A) Julia Johnson 12:36.5
2(B) Sharon Cooper 13:14.6
Long jump 4(A) Sharon Cooper 2.54m
2(B) Jill Carlton 2.54m V35 club record (set)
Triple jump 4(A) Julia Johnson 6.02m V50 club record (set)
1(B) Donna Kilpin 5.84m V40 club record (set)
Javelin 5(A) Laura Gill 16.91m Senior club record
6(B) Caroline Dean 9.02m
Discus 4(A) Jill Carlton 12.51m
4(B) Caroline Dean 11.79m
Shot 4(A) Caroline Dean 4.34m
4(B) Donna Kilpin 3.18m V40 club record (set)
Hammer 4(A) Caroline Dean 12.74m PB V35 club record
4(B) Julie Moxon 9.39m
4x100m 3 Dawn Broom, Laura Gill, Julie Moxon, Donna Kilpin 72.2s
4x400m 2 Jill Carlton, Sharon Cooper, Laura Gill, Dawn Broom 5:36.9 Senior club record


Event Pos Result
100m 7(A) James Thompson 13.4s
6(B) Gary Dean 18.6s =PB
200m 5(A) James Thompson 26.3s PB Senior club record
6(B) Jon Waller 27.7s
400m 6 Damian Kilpin 66.8s
5(B) Gary Dean 82.5s
400m H 3(A) Paul Fryers 95.4s PB
2(B) Tom Fryers 95.4s
800m 5(A) James Thompson 2:25.6
2(B) Shaun Dimelow 2:23.2 SB V45 club record
1500m 2(A) Jon Waller 4:41.2 PB
3(B) Paul Fryers 5:48.9
3000m SC 3(A) Shaun Dimelow 12:02.7
2(B) Damian Kilpin 12:17.0
5000m 1(A) Gareth Cooke 16:45.9 PB
3(B) Gary Dean 20:15.6
High jump 6(A) Tom Fryers 1.40m =PB
Long jump 7(A) Paul Fryers 4.30m PB V45 club record
4(B) Damian Kilpin 4.16m
Triple jump 6(A) Tom Fryers 8.97m
4(B) Paul Fryers 8.54m
Javelin 4(A) James Thompson 30.19m Senior club record
4(B) Gareth Cooke 19.95m
Discus 8(A) Damian Kilpin 13.90m
6(B) Gary Dean 9.56m PB
Shot 6(A) Paul Fryers 6.90m PB
6(B) Gary Dean 3.62m
Hammer 7(A) Shaun Dimelow 13.22m V45 club record
5(B) Paul Fryers 11.97m
4x100m 7 Damian Kilpin, Gary Dean, Paul Fryers, Tom Fryers 64.5s
4x400m 4 Jon Waller, Shaun Dimelow, Gareth Cooke, Damian Kilpin 4:26.4
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