parkrun Competition

New for 2017: Penistone Footpath Runners’ parkrun Competition.

Over the year any PFRAC member needs to run each of the following five parkruns at least once: Barnsley, Concord, Hillsborough, Rother Valley and Nostell. Plus you can pick one wildcard parkrun of your choice over the year.

Tables will be published here and updated regularly. Richard Hayes will record all runners’ results at the five parkruns, but you need to let him know when you want to use your wildcard, or if you set a course record.

Latest standings areĀ here.

You earn points based on the following:

  • Age Grading: 70%+ 5pts, 65%+ 4pts, 60%+ 3pts, 55%+ pts, 50%+ 1pt
  • Age Category Positions, 1st – 5pts, 2nd – 3pts, 3rd – 1pt
  • Overall Gender Position: Top 10: 3pts, Top 25: 2pts Top 50: 1pt
  • Podium Positions: if you get an overall first finisher you get 3pts, 2pts for second place and 1pt for 3rd place. These are gender based positions.
  • Bonus Points for PB: if you get a course PB then you get 3pts (first time appearance does not count, you need to have done at least two at same venue for a PB to count)
  • Bonus Points for Course Record: If you set any course record, be it overall or age category record you get 3pts. (Please note you need to make sure Richard Hayes is aware of your record)

Wildcard rule: You can only use your wildcard before you do another parkrun, once you’ve done another parkrun you can no longer claim a previous parkrun as your wildcard. This is to stop people waiting till end of year and picking their best performance. Should you fail to use your wildcard your last parkrun not amongst the five listed will be used as your wildcard parkrun. You can only use your wildcard once.

Your best overall score from any one event for each venue is the one that counts. This includes all bonus points. So you can do each venue as many times as you like, to try and get the maximum points possible, but you can’t aggregate points from multiple events at one venue.

To count in the competition you must do all five specified parkruns and a wildcard parkrun. You are responsible for telling Richard your wildcard parkrun, but remember the above wildcard rule. At end of the year the male and female with most points will be awarded prizes.

Qualifying runners
All first claim members will be included as long as they have Penistone Footpath Runners registered with parkrun as their club. To add Penistone as your club click on “manage my profile” in any of your results emails from parkrun, and then use the “update” link on the My Links page. As with other club competitions, any member whose club membership payment has not been received by 31 January will only have results counted from the date their subscription has been paid.

Here is an example score from Barnsley on January 7 2017:
26th; Martyn Goodwin; 22:33; 1st MV55; Age graded score 69.33%
His points score: 3 for 1st in age category and 4pts for age grading and 1 point for top 50 finish = 8pts for Barnsley.

Penistone parkrun tour
Not part of the parkrun competition,
but as a social club event, each month, a member nominates a particular parkrun and a few members go as a club jolly. Each person nominating a parkrun also nominates the next person. The list of nominees, parkruns and attendance is here.

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