Fell League

2019 marks the third year of the Penistone Footpath Runners Fell League.

Latest standings for 2019 are here.

Final standings for 2017 are here and for 2018 here.

All first claim members’ results in all FRA registered senior races in 2018 count towards the Fell League – you get points for every race, without any limit, and you get more points the faster you run.

All FRA registered senior races count, which includes all 9 Trunces, Hartcliff Hill, Broomhead Chase and Thurlstone Chase, as well as all the Club Championship Fell Section races, English Championships, etc.

Tables will be published here and updated at least every month, but the onus is on the runner to tell Steve Storey (stevelesleystorey@talktalk.net) and/or Paul Fryers (paul.fryers@gmail.com) of their results: we will not be checking the results of every race to find PFR runners, although where there is a big turnout we will not need everyone to supply their own result. Just tell us the race you ran and your time.

Points are awarded according to your time in relation to the fastest male/female runner on the day. The formula has been changed slightly for 2018: if you are first man or first lady you still get 100 points. If you take exactly double the time of the winner you still get 50 points. In between the points are on a scale which is spread more evenly than in 2017. For anyone who wants to know the technical details, your time is divided by the winner’s time, and the log(base 2) is taken of the resulting ratio. This is then subtracted from 2 and the result multiplied by 50 to give your points. For orienteering score format races the points are calculated by dividing your score (points net of any time penalties) by the winner’s net score.  Points will mean prizes – in 2017 awards were given for the overall male and female winners and the winners in each age group. If two members finish level on points (unlikely that they will, exactly), the older runner will be placed higher. In the results, age categories will be based on age on January 1st of the competition year, not age on the day of the race.

Qualifying runners
All members who are first claim Penistone for fell races will be included. Any member whose club membership payment has not been received by 31 January will only have results counted from the date their subscription has been paid.

Qualifying races
All qualifying races are listed in the FRA fixtures calendar on the FRA website. Qualifying races are those registered with the FRA, which includes most of those listed in the calendar – on each race page, if the title of the race is followed by (R) it is an FRA registered race and it will count towards our championship. (Some other races are listed in the FRA calendar for information but are not FRA registered races). Senior races are those with no upper age limit: juniors running in senior races (where permitted) will be included in the League.

Get fell running!

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