Club Championship

The Championship is made up of 15 races (see list below for current year events): 5 road, 5 fell and 5 trail/cross country. This will provide 3 sections and an overall championship. To qualify for each section you need to compete in at least 3 from 5 of the section races. To qualify for the Overall Championship you have to compete in 9 from the total of 15, with at least 2 of these races from each section. Your 9 best race scores, including the minimum of 2 from each section, will be added together to form an Overall Championship total.

2017 results so far, including Stanage Struggle fell race, are here. Note that the Travellers 6 has been replaced by Barnsley 10K in the championship, because of the clash with the final South Yorkshire Cross Country League race.


The first Penistone male/female finisher in each race will each score 60 points, the second 59 and so on. The allocation of points will not be age related – the points will be allocated purely on your finishing position amongst all men/women in the race.


In the event of any runners scoring the same number of points, the runner who has scored better head to head with his or her rival will be placed higher in the points table. If this fails to separate runners then the total times in head to head championship races over the season will be added together to decide who finishes first. If these methods, in the above order, fail to separate the runners then the oldest runner will be placed higher.

Where races for men and women or different age groups cover a different distance e.g. South Yorkshire Cross Country the woman’s times will multiplied by a factor to make it comparable with the men’s distance. Overall times will then be used to allocate points.


Your age group for the championship in any year is determined by your age on January 1st. Prizes will be awarded for each age groups for both male and female categories: each group will have Section winners e.g. Fell Lady Vet 40.

  • The groups are as follows: Male Senior, MV35, MV40, MV45, MV50, MV55, MV60, MV65, MV70, MV75, Female Senior, LV35, LV40, LV45, LV50, LV55, LV60, LV65, LV70.
  • The Sections are Road, Fell and Cross Country.
  • The Overall Champions will be the Male and Female with the best scores from the 9 races needed to qualify.
  • A special prize, and title of Challenge Champion will be given to the runner who acquires the most points from the 15 races.
  • Run as many or as few races as you want but you must compete in the correct number of races to win an award.

Qualifying runners

All first claim members are included in the championship. Juniors running in senior races (where permitted) will be included in the Senior categories. Any member whose club membership payment has not been received by 31 January will only have results counted from the date their subscription has been paid.

2017 Races

02/01/2017 Amble’s Revenge    
29/01/2017 Meltham 10K    
19/02/2017 Wombwell 5    
26/02/2017 Hoppits Hill Race    
05/03/2017 Norton 9    
20/04/2017 Hartcliff Hill    
07/05/2017 Bluebell Trail/Age UK Rotherham 5K    
14/06/2017 Oughtibridge Chase    
19/07/2017 Bamford Carnival    
03/09/2017 Shelf Moor    
17/09/2017 Fat Boys Stanage Struggle    
24/09/2017 Penistone Hill Race    
01/10/2017 Cusworth 10K    
05/11/2017 Kimberworth Canal Race    
26/11/2017* Barnsley 10K    

* Change to original championship schedule

Green=Road         Blue=Cross Country         Orange=Fell

All championship races are highlighted in yellow in the Events Diary.

Past Championship Results

PFR Championship results from previous years can be found from the links below:

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